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This is a picture of a star being sucked in by a black hole as a quasar forms. They are caused by the secretion disks around the black hole. Debis spins at such high speeds that unfathomable amounts of heat is generated via friction causing an amazing amount of light. Quasars are the brightest known objects in the universe. They shine brighter than galaxies containing billions of stars and it’s just mind blowing how they are caused by the darkest thing in the universe: black holes. “The process that unshackles the most light, is caused by the thing that best imprisons it.” -Michael Stevens. Yin Yang definitely comes to mind and if you look closely at the picture, you can see that the process even LOOKS like a Yin Yang symbol. 
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B E   C O N F I D E N T


bloody tears and jewelled crowns at Undercover fall/winter 2014

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Enter the Void, directed by Gaspar Noé

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by Hana Haley

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Film still, Videodrome, David Cronenberg, (1983)